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This is Yeah!

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"for the love of party"

Brought to you by a small and passionate team born in Madrid (Spain), ORIGINAL YEAH!’s essence stands in the strong communion between its origins and mission: deliver the playfulness and energy of our roots through a premium product, ready-to-wear, entirely manufactured by our seamstresses in Italy.

We are irreverent and fun for all the men who want to be the epicenter of every happening; our clothes are meant to start the ball rolling, because the party is YOU. We’ve taken what’s good about fashion and made it great for men who love to feel sensual yet elegant, for those who like to dare and play with their masculinity without ever compromising their style.

The product is always the priority. From the fabric to the cut, every detail is taken into consideration and refined to make our designs work best for you. Our aim is to deliver a truly original garment which main inspiration comes from the lifestyle, and the multicultural buzz and colours of Madrid. These colours are simple but strong: Black, White, Blue, Grey gives our fabrics that touch of eccentricity and refinement, which makes our products unique and exclusive.

Our prerogative since the beginning has been to guarantee our customers the best quality possible. That is why our brand prides itself to manufacture our collections in, Italy. From the picking of the raw materials to the craft involved in the making of the items, everything regarding the production takes place in our factory in Milan (Italy), where our team of experienced seamstresses and industry experts follow the entire process.

We can’t wait for you to join the fun…