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"the origin of every little thing"

ORIGINAL YEAH! is the result of the professional and personal relationship between Jorge Martinez and Landy Valdes.

After more than 10 years of experience as entrepreneurs in the industry of industrial and graphic design, the two decided to take on the role of creative directors in 2018 as they launched the first of their forward-thinking ORIGINAL YEAH! collections.

Since the very inception of the brand, its creators have always put quality as the fundamental principle driving their vision: a lot of companies outhere produce clothes, we create fashion. That’s why they believe in the value of the artisanship, in the strength of having a final product refined by the craft of our expert team; that’s why they believe in talent first and foremost.

They wanted to design a selection of premium and exclusive products tailored for the man who’s always in charge of himself, who loves to get down and be the centre of the attention without ever giving up his flare. From our underwear to ready-to-wear collection, our creative directors have implemented their knowledge of various industries in order to convey and deliver to our customers an experience unlike anything else; from the unconventional materials, to the slick packaging, we strive to bring our original vision only to you.